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DesignTech India is a Turnkey Solution provider for BIW Fixtures, CMM Measuring Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures and Metal Fitting Jigs for Automotive Weld Lines – both Manual and Robotic

The Company is operational since Jan 2012, with its Plant and Headquarters in the Coimbatore, TamilNadu area. The Company has been founded by Mr Arumugam who have been in this field / business for more than a Decade in the Industry with team of efficient professionals .

DesignTech has a talented human resources which is rich in experience with creative imagination. The team is seasoned in innovation and packed with enthusiasm. Their energetic and dynamic qualities make them cover various streams of CAD/CAM services.

DesignTech possesses dynamic designers, trained to deliver quality with speed and precision. They are led by well experienced experts in the field of engineering design and development.

Quality Policy

DesignTech is committed to providing its customers with Quality products and services that continually meet and exceed their expectations for Quality and Delivery as evidenced by our customer satisfaction, repeat business, and recommendations.
DesignTech is committed to improving its quality system through the tracking of delivery and quality.
DesignTech strives to maintain the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct.

Core Competency

DesignTech we also offer turnkey solutions to your special machining, assembly and test needs. We are your “one stop shop” to get quality, price, and delivery.
Our position as an equipment manufacturer utilizing experienced designers, machinists, and assemblers allow us to build turnkey projects from the smallest of tools to complex fixtures.
We know that our success can only be assured as a result of our customer’s success.
We will continually strive to supply goods and services that will ensure this aim.

Our Solutions

DesignTech is to become India Leader in machine design and tooling components. We earn our customer’s enthusiasm because we enjoy the opportunity to provide efficiency by design, expertise, and convenient service..
DesignTech, an affordable and good welding table manufacturer in Singapore, is one of the most trustable sources for quality oriented and durable welding tables, jigs and fixtures. We are driven by the following values:


– We understand that every client has unique requirements and every project is different. Hence we provide every client with customized Jigdesign solutions to complement their manufacturing process in the most efficient way. We are a client centric firm, and thus, ensure that all the requirements and specifications of our clients are ideally satisfied.


– Being a customer centric firm, listen to our customers and give their requisites the upmost priority. Not only do we seek to understand the client’s requirements, we anticipate their needs, making welding process easy for our customers while enhancing their business success.


– We are driven by technology and believe that innovation is the key. We are constantly engaged in R&D; to provide our clients with finest quality welding platforms and innovative fixtures
Our mission is to use our extensive knowledge of machining, equipment building and re-building, and assembly for Automotives to provide the most mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.
Design Tech

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